About us

About us


The founders of BerkeMed are the enthusiastic entrepreneurs who had been motivated to help the mankind in building up a healthy environment. With that inspiration and Care for Health, BerkeMed came into existence. The main idea behind its creation had been to investigate about the ways to produce high quality medical products and market them globally to get its benefits reach the whole world.

To be recognized globally as the best medical products manufacturing company having utmost care for the health of people all over the world.

To focus our efforts in investigating for the best ways possible to produce high quality, most beneficial medical products and continuously improve them to keep it optimized for the needs of the consumers.

BerkeMed is fully focused to get detailed scientific evidence for the products it develops. Our experts gather data related to the needs of patients and doctors and after doing extensive research based on that data, they try to produce an improved version of existing equivalent in terms of design, quality and cost-efficiency.

In order to keep our quality at its maximum we manufacture our products in Germany and Switzerland so that every aspect of quality is kept in view due to rich expertise and focus of these countries for highest level of quality.

For delivering medical related products to any part of the world it is very important to keep every step of product’s life cycle fully complied with regulatory authorities and keep our processes certified. BerkeMed fully controls the complete life-cycle of the medical products to keep them completely complied with the rules and regulations of each country in which it is distributing those products.

BerkeMed regularly takes feedback from its customers and use it in the product development process to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of its products in the most cost-effective way.