AGS4800 Real-time PCR System

AGS4800 high-throughput real-time PCR Detection System combines multi-model design and multi-fluorescence channel detection features to provide outstanding performance and reliable results. It can provide accurate analysis of up to 144 nucleic acid samples (RNA/DNA) for a wide range of applications, such as immunology, human genome engineering, forensic medicine, clinical diagnosis of viruses, tumors and hereditary diseases, etc.


  •  High-throughput: 48, 96 or 144.
  •  Bench-top professional instrument meets variable user requirements in life science and biology.
  •  Multi-fluorescence channel detection: 6 standard channels+2 customized channels.
  •  Automatic sample inlet and outlet as well as automatic hot lid.
  •  Wireless remote control and analysis.
  •  Positive detection rate analysis and laboratory pollution early warning.
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