Berkemed surgical mask according to EN 14683 type IIR

  • 3-ply, hypoallergenic mouth and nose protection meeting the performance requirements of European standards (EN 14683, Type IIR) and USA standards (ASTM F2100 Level 3).
  • The filter performance (BFE, PFE, VFE ≥ 99%) has been tested in a GLP-accredited laboratory.
  • The wearer is protected against splashes from potentially contaminated liquids (pressure of the spray resistance tested ≥ 160 mmHg), with low breathing resistance (<40 Pa / cm²).
  • Disposable surgical masks with the CE marking from a German manufacturer according to directive 93/68 / EEC and EU regulation 2017/745, suitable for a medical working environment and for daily personal protection.
  • The German pharmaceutical central number of the mask is PZN: 16679531.

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