Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Smear)
Self-test at home
Results in 10-15 minutes
Test procedure: If the test is performed correctly, a control line will appear because the reagent is reactive.
An immunochromatographic method for rapid and qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus antigens using pre-nasal swab specimens.
The test can be used as a quick check for suspected cases of the new coronavirus, and it can also be used as a confirmation method for nucleic acid testing after the patient is discharged from the hospital.
A positive test result indicates that the sample contains coronavirus antigen.
A negative test result does not rule out the possibility of infection

  • Quickly
  • Reliable
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • No need to send samples to the laboratory
  • Easy and painless use in the comfort of your home or office
  • Nasal swab
  • Detect all SARS-CoV-2 virus mutations
  • Sensitivity: 96.97%
  • Specificity: 100%
  • Overall accuracy rate: 99.14%

The set contains 25 tests.

  • 25x test box
  • 25x extraction tube
  • 25x extraction buffer
  • 25x cotton swab stick
  • Test tube rack


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